Sketches - April 2019

About my sketches

Sketching from life is important to my art practice. It is through sketching that I slow down and notice things. I don't set out to sketch anything in particular - whatever catches my attention really - whether a breathtaking landscape or the ingredients for a banana sandwich! My original sketches are not for sale because, for me, they are both personal journal and reference material. However, popular ones are printed as greetings cards.

Delivery of art materials - pen and watercolour - 30th April 2019

watercolour painting of a collection of art materials - bottles of solvent, a bottle of linseed oil, a bottle of liquid watercolour and two paint brushes

Blue sky, white fluffy cotton-wool clouds, the sun streaming in through the window and a delivery of art materials. Solvents (Zest-it) and linseed oil for oil painting, a Dr. Ph. Martin's liquid watercolour in one of my favourite colours, Quinacridone Magenta, to try (it's fabulous!), and a gorgeous soft and fat watercolour travel brush. Yep. Today's not bad. 

Toppled olive tree after Storm Hannah - pen and watercolour - 29th April 2019

watercolour painting of an olive tree in a big pot that has topped over onto a metal staircase. There are other pots of colourful flowers on the staircase.

This poor unfortunate olive tree blew over onto the staircase during Storm Hannah last night. 

Bits 'n pieces on my studio worktable - pen and watercolour - 27th April 2019

 watercolour painting of things on my table: a toy ambulance, a toothbrush, a fineliner pen, a blue drinking glass holding a brush and a dip pen, a tipp-ex mouse and my mobile phone

From time to time I just sketch what's on my studio worktable. I also keep a bag of random objects in the studio specifically for sketching practice hence the little toy ambulance!

Dip pen and bottled inks - pen and watercolour - 25th April 2019

 watercolour painting of a collection of things on my studio worktable: a toy ambulance, a toothbrush, a fineliner pen, a glass pot containing a paintbrush and a dip pen, a tipp-ex mouse and my mobile phone.

Lately, for indoor sketching, I have taken to using a dip pen and my treasured Rotring Artists Colour inks. You get a more expressive line with a dip pen. And the Rotring colours are beautiful - vibrant and pure. Unfortunately Rotring don't make these anymore. 

Leather and diamonte belt - pen and watercolour - 24th April 2019

watercolour painting of a brown leather belt. The buckle is encrusted with diamonte and there are metal studs in the belt too.

Decluttering continues. Ah I loved this belt with its diamonte studs but alas it has seen better days now so as Marie Kondo suggests I shall thank it for the joy it has given me and let it go!

Tea Pot - pen and watercolour - 23rd April 2019

During a major de-clutter I discovered this crazy little tea pot and cup. Still in its box at the back of the kitchen cupboard. It's so gorgeous. Love tea time!

Now available as a greetings card. 

Handmade drawstring bag - pen and watercolour - 22nd April 2019

watercolour painting of a little drawstring bag that I made. It has a very colourful African-type design.

I made this cute little drawstring bag to carry my mini watercolour kit in. I love the design of the fabric because it is colourful and reminds me of South Africa where I grew up.